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Inno Molding is one of the leading plastic injection molding manufacturers in Shenzhen China, with 20 years of experience and strong engineering team, we offer full product development and manufacturing services including 拉斯维加斯国际APPapp地址.

We believe high precision manufacturing equipment is one of the key factor to make high quality products. This is why we invested over 5 million(USD) on buying most advanced mold making and injection molding equipment from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.  Here below you can visit our facility on-line freely.

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With our mold tooling shop and product development team, We are capable of providing full product service from your idea to finished products, making everything ready and ship the final products/parts to worldwide clients.

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our factory pictureInno Molding拉斯维加斯国际APP安卓客户端拉斯维加斯国际APP网址二维码We offer one-stop injection mold  making, plastic injection molding, and turnkey product design & development services.

拉斯维加斯国际APP网址线路 All of mold parts and manufacturing process are fully inspected before mold assembly. Meanwhile, we have our own injection molding shop in house, it enables the final molded parts on track and under control.

拉斯维加斯国际APP网址平台 Inno Molding has a team of 10 engineering people who have over 20 years experience in mold making and product development, this is why we can provide one-stop product development and manufacturing services including product design, prototyping, engineering, and final product manufacturing拉斯维加斯国际APP安卓客户端拉斯维加斯国际APP官方软件


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Since we are a medium size company, we have less running cost at labor and facility than others. Therefore we can offer competitive price to our clients. For example, a simple mould without slide or lifter, our mold price is about $1,200~1,800. for a middle complexity mold with sliders(one or two), our price ranges about $2,500~3,500. But for some complicated molds like hot runner molds, automotive moulds, the price will be relatively higher.

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We understand lead-time is one of the most important concern for any business, especially for mold industry. We plan, schedule, and follow up our molding projects on time and on budget. Most of normal molds can be finished at us within 15~20 days. But for some complicated moulds, the lead-time will take longer

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To provide higher quality mold service, we strict control our process from raw material to final mold trial,enable our clients get first-class of mold from us.

We can guarantee our mold life from 500,000 shots~1,000,000 shots. If any problem happens, our clients will get refund or compensated.


With rich experience in plastic injection molding and product development, our expert engineering team provides customer free DFM analysis and engineering support. As soon as you deal project with us, we can guarantee the best optimized products you will get.


Unlike other molding companies, Inno molding provides free mold modification (not big mold structure changes) and maintenance service. This is also a value-added services for our clients.

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Unlike other mold manufacturers, Inno Molding hired the most sophisticated product designers and manufacturing engineers for both mechanical and electronic projects, which is convenient for those clients who have just a product idea and look for one stop product development and manufacturing services from China.


Since 1996, Inno Molding company started our business in plastic injection mould making and injection molding services. We accumulated rich experience in diverse kind of mold manufacturing and injection molding technology. This is how we are confident to face any challenge in the mold making and plastic industries. And we ready to be your reliable partner in China.


We fully understand the importance of our products quality to clients, as our clients also have their client to expect their product quality. And we make everything ready for customer review and approval before manufacturing, so that our clients will totally receive what they expected.

Our mold shop and injection molding factory has established the most strict quality system for our business. With ISO9001 quality certification, we control our quality from very beginning of mold design to final product manufacturing, ensuring our client’s will get the most satisfied products from us. We are proud of our highest quality and the most trust-worthy reputation in the manufacturing industry.

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